Mrs. Ashita Desai has worked extensively in the field of textile design, craft, and industry. As an ambitious professional with more than a decade of experience in textile design, her ability to visualize and execute designs (from concept to production) has developed and allowed her to work on different client projects. In her present practice; have been exploring various techniques of surface ornamentation. She is deeply intrigued by the abstract nature of these processes and primarily focuses to create contemporary textiles using traditional textile practices.

Work Experience

Sr. Head Designer, Singhania’s Design and development of motifs for various surface ornamentation: Weaving, Printing and Embroidery.

– Understanding the technical loom mechanism and adjusting the design within its limitation.

– Creation of original concepts and mood board

– Color interaction and colorways

– Product photography ideation

– Coordination and communication of the design studio with the local artisans.

– Documentation of traditional textile terminology with master artisans.

Textile Consultant, Curiosity Workshop Textiles Creation of home textile products such as window blinds, and bedding sets using applique and embroidery technique.

Developing sustainable textile products from waste materials.

– Every artwork created at the studio was inimitable and one of a kind. Each bears the mark of many hands it has passed through from the designers to craft artisans till finishing and its installation. The process of the applique craft technique is laborious, but it is also something that gives me pleasure as I could nurture a thought from its conception through to its realization.

– Apart from this, also coordinate production of the ongoing home-textile order from Fabindia.

– Design and redevelopment of motifs for embroideries.

– Research and Documentation of various traditional textiles & embroideries from India.

– Preparation for paper presentation for textile symposiums

– Designing brochures, catalogs, posters, and invitation cards for exhibitions and seminars.

Key Projects

– The craft Design Society foundation promotes Indian handcrafted textiles to the world stage best global brands.

– Invited to present a paper on “Overall view of craft products & its evolution since the 60’s” at Ahmedabad Centre for Heritage Management.

– Co-ordinated exhibition: ‘resurgence’- the revival of Indian Embroideries.

– Commenced research project as an assistant researcher with the International Research Centre for Intangible (IRCI) Cultural Heritage in Asia Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO – Japan on changes in the development of ‘Hand Painted and Block Printed Kalamkari using natural colors in Andhra Pradesh and, South India.